Welcome to my first blog ever!!  I will endeavor to help those who don’t have an understanding of the issues with vending machines and the process!  First off the myth surrounding healthy vending!  Most items you will find in a vending machine do not meet the Governments expectation of “healthy” vending.  They have their choose most, choose least and don’t choose items. If you were to stop in front of a vending machine that does not have to follow these guidelines, you will most likely never see anything from their choose most list. Now, there are vending companies jumping on the “Healthy” vending bandwagon.  They are using perception of Healthy Options verses the regular vending items in a vendor.  If you have a look at the products in a “Healthy” vending machine, you will see that a fair amount of the items are mostly choose sometimes verses, choose most.  Don’t let that fool you!! Have a look at the nutritional value.  Some of the choose most items have more sugar, fats and salts than regular snacks or beverages.   Don’t get me wrong, as a vendor I will endeavor to put the snacks that you the customer want in their location.  If a vending company knocks on your door touting the benefits of Healthier options verses regular snack etc.  Talk to your current vending company and they will be glad to provide the snacks you are wanting.  Why go through the hassle of changing vending companies when they are providing you with great service that you should be getting. If you are not then that is another blog topic for later!  Until then keep on snacking!

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