Expensive Snacks

I dont know how many times I have heard this!  “You must be rolling in the dough, because of the prices of the products in your machines”.  I shared with you on my last few blogs back that there is a thing called overhead.  Which increases my expenses, to where you have to mortgage your home to buy a bar and a bag of chips from a vending machine.  A few weeks back one of my delivery vans engines blew!  It cost me over $700 to find out that it was blown, towing to the garage, just under $200.  Then another $250 to tow it to another garage to be repaired.  Promised it would be repaired for about $9000.00  by the end of the week, to which I said go ahead.   A week later and no engine!  Then I realized that I was throwing good money after bad and called my mechanic and put the brakes on it.  I decided to bite the bullet and buy a newer van with some warranty left and sell the old one for parts.  I asked my mechanic if he wanted to buy it hoping he would say yes and give me a few thousand.  He offered me $1000.00 which barely covered the cost of his deconstruction of my van.  Since I purchased this van for mere $600 to help me conserve my costs two years ago.  It has grown to close to $16000.00 in repairs so far.  With the engine it would have ended up costing me a further $10,000.00!! Totalling close to $30k!!  So you have to stop somewhere.  I am going to have it towed away so that I can part it out.  At least I will get something for it!  Its practically new everything except an engine of course.  Some would say you should have fixed it and some said use it as a boat anchor!!  So now you know why my chocolate bars are so expensive!

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