I guess I am a Thief!

I was working away diligently when I received a call from a “customer’ an unsatisfied customer at that.  Apparently she purchased a beverage from one of my machines and it did not give her back her 50 cents in change.  I apologized and told her to contact a staff member there and they would refund her.  She then took it further to tell me that it was a rip off and before I could say anything more she hung up.  Over the years I have had various people upset for loosing a quarter!  Some times such as with this woman it was the end of the world as they thought that I was ripping them off!  The term rip off means to deliberately steal from someone. Fortunately that is not the case in this situation as I take great pride in ensuring that every thing in my machines are priced accordingly.  But I do have to say that it is not always the case, I have and even my drivers have been in a bit of hurry and put an item into a row or column that is priced correctly but we have put the wrong item in.  The only time we get to know about it is when someone either brings it to our attention or we notice it on our next run.  We are not purposely doing this to rip people off, its an honest mistake and I have refunded people who have contacted me.  I have built this business with Honest, Integrity and it has served me well!  I will continue to provide the best service that I can and even though I have driven way out of my way to take care of a problem or a complaint.  I would like to think that my customers will be happy even if they have an issue because of the great service we provide them.

Many people do not realize that it can be costly for a small company to be expected to run to your aid if your bag of chips got stuck in a machine.  I can understand the frustration but its not the end of the world and we will refund your loss.  In many of the locations we have, we have set up a float for those times that people loose their money.  For the most part people are honest.  In some cases not so, when you return week after week knowing that person “A” has lost their toonie.  It adds up if you have this happening at several locations per week per year!!

A week or so ago I had another run in with an upset customer over a bag of chips getting stuck.  I opened the door and went to hand him the bag.  He told me he did not want the bag but his money back.  I explained that it is company policy to return the item lost and not the money.  And before you know it he blew up in a rage, yelled a few expletives to me and stormed out.  He got his refund shortly there after,  he did not wait for me to explain that if  any customer continues to insist on it I would return the money.  I do not want an upset customer.  Most people will accept the lost item and be happy but some do not and they are rare and when this happens I tend to bend the policy and make them happy.  Win win!  Any how a few days later I get a call from the same location telling me that the machine was taking the money and not giving the product.  So I dispatch my driver off of his route to take care of it as I was unable to.  When he got there he sent me a picture of the reason,  the item below was shoved far into the coin slot so no one could see.  This trip cost my company over $150 and lost revenue from the several days of sales.  Just because an irate customer decided he would get back at me for not handing over $1.50 so now you know why chocolate bars are so expensive from a vending machine!





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