Another one bites the Dust!


Well I bit the bullet and upped the price of my canned beverages a few weeks ago and as usual I got a call asking me to remove my vendor because “we need the space”.  I called back and offered an alternative suggestion instead of removing the equipment.  I have found a spot out back of the building, out of site, out of mind and still accessible to staff and clients.  Was I surprised at the answer, no not really because I was told “No, we really do not want the machine at all!”  Well as I alluded to in an earlier blog post, I believe in communicating to my clients in an honest open dialog.  So why didn’t they just tell me that they were unhappy with the fact that I raised the price by .25 cents.  Its not much is it?  After ten years I thought that I need to raise the price because I was breaking even again, well that was about five years ago for canned beverages.  But being the type of businessman I am I thought I can handle it for a while longer.  I had the same situation happen to me a few years back.  An owner of another dealership was absolutely livid with me when I walked into service the equipment.  He was so mad at me that he was red in the face while pointing at my machine!  He said quite loudly, “Who is going to pay $1.50 for a chocolate bar!!!”  I calmly looking him square in the face and said to him If your supplier ups the price of all your vehicles by 2 or 3 hundred dollars are you going to suck it up or are you going to pass it on to your customers.  His attitude did an about face, literally he did about face and walked away and I kept him as a customer, even to this day.  As a business owner I understand that the price of things go up, its business!  When the price of gas goes up it just doesn’t affect me once its many many many times!  The farmer who grows the potatoes, the chip company that buys the potatoes, the shipping company who delivers the product all add the cost of the price of gas to their costs.  So by the time it gets to me I have to add yet another cost of the fuel that I have to pay for my products and services.  The list is endless but I have found that about every 5 years I need to increase my prices by .25 cents just to make it to the next 5 years!  So if you think I have gotten my math all mixed up feel free to let me know.  And if you have any comments about anything with regard to vending, don’t hesitate to send me a message! And…. now you know why chocolate bars are expensive!

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