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More junk

Hello snack fans!  Here is a photo of the items I discovered in todays haul!  IMG_0618.JPG

As you can see four of these coins will jam up the coin mech so no one can get their snacks or beverages.  Two are from another country, one is from I think is the philipines and other one that looks like a toonie, I am not sure!

Common Issues with Vending

In today’s blog I will be discussing issues that you may come across with vending machines and why.  For example you are standing in front of a vending machine money in hand and you drop it into the machine and make your selection but nothing happens.  Well people sometimes accidentally drop in a nickle thinking they dropped in a quarter.  Have a look at the screen to see what your credit is, is it the amount needed or are you short? Did it drop into the coin return and you missed it?  IF you are short drop in the appropriate amount that you may have missed and voila you have your snack or beverage.

Many many times I have been called to a customers location to service a machine that is taking peoples money.  The first thing I do when I get there I drop a coin down the slot to see if the coin is getting to the cash box or if it is getting stuck somewhere down the line.  If I don’t hear it hit the cash box, dollars to donuts there is a coin jam somewhere.  After opening up the machine I can quickly determine what the issue is.  Here are some examples of things that I have found in my machines that do not belong there.

In the first photo you see two dimes and a nickle, they have sticky residue on them that cause them to stick together and create a log jam.  Which eventually clogged the coin mechanism right up to the top. Effectively blocking anyone’s attempt to get at their snacks or beverage of choice.  In the next photo you see various examples of “coins” from around the world that do not work in our machines either.  In the third photo you can see a toonie that depicts our Queen on one side and a bear on the reverse, hence the Queen with a bear behind!  LOL  I digress!  You will notice the greenish goo all over it.  Well  I got a call from a customer complaining that they never got their change back.  This is what I found in the mechanism.  This coin ended up in the coin mechanism and not the cash box and when they paid for their item it could not eject the appropriate change as it was stuck together with another coin jamming the ejector.  If you are wondering the goo is it was mint gum!  Oh another trick, DON’T drop more than one coin down the slot, your just begging to get your cash taken.  And now your not only broke, because you used your last toonie until pay day, your still hungry and now your stressed!!

Some people wonder why snacks and beverages are expensive, more so than going to a corner store.  Well you have just witnessed some of the daily problems I have to deal with.  These small but insignificant things costs my company in time and labor, not to forget lost sales!  Also upset customers!  Which could potentially cost me the location due to continual “issues”  with my vending equipment.  Here is another reason that the price is higher than a corners store!  Vandalism!  I spend a lot of time and money on repairs to equipment that people get mad at for losing their quarter!  In one location three people were fired for vandalism and theft.  Some of my more expensive costs are cooling systems for the beverage machines.  Last year they cost $500 to purchase and now due to the low buckeroonie, they now cost as much as $1000!!!!  It also costs vending companies money to purchase the equipment.  It also costs my company anywhere from $150 to $300 to move my equipment to and from a location.

Any way folks I could go on and on about this  and I will later!  But I just want my customers to know the costs that I incur while having to deal with the day to day wear and tear on my equipment.  Some of my costs are: equipment, vehicles, gas, insurance, maintenance, wages, stock, loss of stock due to dating yada yada yada you get the picture! Its what we call in any business as “overhead”!    One other thing I would like to add is that “we deliver”  you don’t have to leave your work space to find a corner store to buy a snack from using up your break doing so! Anyway enough for now, I have another great topic for next time.  If I forget it will be on “Communication”  Have a great day and remember “IF you need Calories, I’ll Connect you”!img_0018


Welcome to my first blog ever!!  I will endeavor to help those who don’t have an understanding of the issues with vending machines and the process!  First off the myth surrounding healthy vending!  Most items you will find in a vending machine do not meet the Governments expectation of “healthy” vending.  They have their choose most, choose least and don’t choose items. If you were to stop in front of a vending machine that does not have to follow these guidelines, you will most likely never see anything from their choose most list. Now, there are vending companies jumping on the “Healthy” vending bandwagon.  They are using perception of Healthy Options verses the regular vending items in a vendor.  If you have a look at the products in a “Healthy” vending machine, you will see that a fair amount of the items are mostly choose sometimes verses, choose most.  Don’t let that fool you!! Have a look at the nutritional value.  Some of the choose most items have more sugar, fats and salts than regular snacks or beverages.   Don’t get me wrong, as a vendor I will endeavor to put the snacks that you the customer want in their location.  If a vending company knocks on your door touting the benefits of Healthier options verses regular snack etc.  Talk to your current vending company and they will be glad to provide the snacks you are wanting.  Why go through the hassle of changing vending companies when they are providing you with great service that you should be getting. If you are not then that is another blog topic for later!  Until then keep on snacking!